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The Gravel-Ends Ranch gang (Cameron, Keenan and Shelbi) welcomed a new Toggenburg to the "family" late July 2004. White Hawk Seven-K's to Mike and

Misty-Morning PT April

DOB: 3/29/04
  Gravel-Ends Ranch is home to one beautiful Saanen doe, and she happens to be a personal favorite of Jennifer's. Misty-Morning PT April came from Ella Branson by way of Abby Hobbs, OK, and is a welcome addition to our milk production line-up. She is big, tall, long, correct, and everything a dairy goat is supposed to be, all in a manageable personality package. We look forward to raising some more Saanen's in the future with April. Her 2007 twin doelings (Xannie - gold and white, and Xambeze - dark brown with white feet), sired by Hobb's Alpine buck, Mi*Esperar Trinity the Titan, are lovely and will remain part of our herd.
  +*B WSU/VMP Fandango
+*B Tim-Tam Perfect Timing  
  GCH 2*M Tim Tam Perfect Reason
  Hickory-Farm SM Risien Moon
Misty-Morning SMRM Adaline  
  Werner-Farm Adelaide



Triple-S-Farms TJW Valonia

DOB: 3/14/05
Keenan's lovely Sable doe, Valonia, was a Grand Champion in July 2007.
Valonia came into our herd as a kid in 2005 when son, Keenan, wanted a different breed to work with than his older brothers. She has turned out to be a wonderful addition...sweet personality, lovely udder and easy milker (our favorite to milk by hand), plus she is just beautiful in every way. She has had two 1/2 Alpine doelings so far (2006 and 2007) and we can't wait to breed her to our new purebred Sable buck, Flick's-Acres CAL Nikalvados, for purebred Sable kids in 2008.
  *B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
Childs-Acres CPRF Tanner
  Cherrypines Fruitcake
  *B Triple-S-Farms Hope's Chance
GCH 6*M Triple-S-Farms HCF Jewel
  5*M Triple-S-Farms DB Fantasy


Flick's-Acres NAP Moondance

DOB:: 3/25/06
    Moon came to us from TX in 2007, to add to our Sable numbers. She is young and has a lot of growing to do. She freshened with a single buckling at the end of March, which we donated to the Pride of the Plains Youth Show. He went home with a young CO exhibitor and hopefully will help get another herd of Sables started there.
  *B Lake Country Knight in Armor
*B Flick's-Acres LCA Napolean
  SG 4*M C-Creek Shark's Noelle
  *B Lake-Country Constant Sovann
Lake-Country Moon at Night
  10*M Lake-Country Romantic Moonwind

Flick's-Acres CAL Nikalvados

DOB:: 3/15/06
  We were happy to add a purebred Sable buck, Nik, to our herd in 2007. As a yearling he is long, tall, and leggy. By the time he matures he could very well be the biggest buck on the yard. We look forward to beautiful Sable kids from him in 2008. Update 6/07: according to Nik's breeder, Tim Flickenger, IN, Nik's dam, Nikole, finished her GCH first show out in 2007...can't wait to see if this quality carries on through Nik.
  +B Loughlin's Leroy Brown
*B Loughlin's LB Calvery
  GCH 1*M Loughlin's Midnight Cinderella
  Loughlin's Natural Addiction
Flick's-Acres NA Nikole
  SG 4*M C-Creek Shark's Noelle



Gravel-Ends Vavoom

DOB: 3/12/05

50% Alpine

Cameron Stultz and Gravel-Ends Vavoom, aka Holy Cow, captured not only the jugde's eye, but also reporters and photographers from The Hutchinson News at the 2007 Kansas State Fair. An article about the two appeared on the front page of the Sunday State Fair edition of the newspaper, making them celebrities for the weekend show. Photo from the Hutchinson News file.

Gravel-Ends Vavoom (aka Holy Cow) won Reserve Grand Champion honors at the 2007 Kansas State Fair in the Recorded Grade division, and was even pictured, along with her owner/handler, Cameron Stultz, on the front page of the Hutchinson Newspaper that State Fair weekend. She is an eye-catcher, that's for sure.


   The daughter of an unregistered Alpine doe and a very nice French Alpine sire, Vavoom, is probably the most interestingly colored dairy goat we have ever owned with her black and white patches and dark speckles.  She is a nice all-around producer, but has a little extra length to her ears, so likely her unregisterd dam (owned by a friend of ours) had some bloodlines other than Alpine. So far, Vavoom has produced several very plain colored, but very nice Alpine kids. She freshened June 10, 2007.
  Patsys*Pride Nicolae
Lighthouse Acres Sirocco
  Patsys*Pride Desiree'El


Texas twins, Galloping Winds Winifred (left) and Galloping Winds Winona (right) were additions to our Recorded Grade herd this year. They are yearling Recorded Grade Toggenburgs.

Gravel-Ends Wanda

DOB: 2/14/06


Gravel-Ends Wanda continued her winnning ways in 2007 earning another Reserve Grand Champion Recorded Grade Junior Doe honor at the KS State Fair. Too bad she never stands still for pictures...always turning that head!

SG +*B White-Haven Precentor
SGCH 3*M Vassajara's Prudence  
  SGCH 2*M Vassajara's Lupita
Wanda is an exquisite copy of her dam, SGCH Vassajara's Prudence, except that she came out the wrong color! We thought we had Prudence AI's to a very nice OB sire, but when Wanda and her twin brother were born, it was obvious a mistake had been made. We have no idea who Wanda's true sire is, just that she is a beautiful Recorded Grade doeling with an elegant stature and presence in the show ring. She has been several times GCH Recorded Grade Junior (dry yearling) in 2007. Hopefully she freshens in 2008 with her dam's propensity to milk!
    Wanda is bred to a nice Oberhasli buck and is for sale - $300.


Abyss Xannie, a beautiful gold and white patchwork doeling, is an Alpine/Saanen cross with soft, soft dairy skin and great hints of dairy character.

Abyss Xambeze, is a joy to behold on the move, exquisite when you get your hands on her, and a trouble-maker at home (can't keep her in any pen on the farm). But she has a lot of appeal, evidenced by her win at the Kansas State Fair over about 12 other very competitive Recorded Grade doelings. This Alpine/Saanen X has bright future ahead of her.