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Always a character, our Alpine doe Percilla is a regular comedian

(l to r) Priscilla, Prizm, Prudence (sired by White Haven Precentor) - first place Sr. Get of Sire at the 2003 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Sept. 14, Judge Timothy Ness

Gravel-Ends Purple Sunflower was the third place intermediate Recorded Grade doeling at the 2003 ADGA National Show in Iowa. Sunflower was bred, raised, owned and shown exclusively by Goessel Goal Getters 4-H club member Cameron Stultz, age 11

Keenan loves his little white babies, too bad they are all bucks. Treeko, Taurus, and Togepi.

Grady Stultz has his hands full with newborn Oberhasli twins,
Titan and Tammie, born Jan. 4, 2004.

Show ring smiles from Keenan Stultz with
his July 2004 Alpine doeling, Thomasina,
and Shelbi (third), with her favorite
Alpine doeling, Trinity.

Cameron and Percilla are good buddies. They enjoy each others company whether competing together in the show ring or just hanging out.

Grady and Cameron Stultz made a successful showing at the 2004 Marion County 4-H Dairy Goat Show in Hillsboro, Kansas in August, including Best Doe in Show Award and Grand Champion Senior Doe (Percilla - Alpine...Cameron), Grand and Reserve Champion Alpine Sr. Does (Percilla and Appleslice...Cameron) and Grand and Reserve Champion Oberhasli (Prudence and Prizm...Grady), and Grand Champion Junior Doe of Show (Shavelle - Alpine...Grady).

*B Gravel-Ends Ambrose Titan

Titan at 4 mths. of age, April 2004. He is polled like his sire.

  *B Meadowsong D'Angelo Dylan
*B Meadowsong Dylan Ambrose  
  10*M Meadowsong Little Amy
  *B White Haven Precentor
2*M Vassajara's Prizm  
  GCH 1*M Redwood Hills Finnegan Ginger

Titan, son of Ambrose and Prizm, is polled like his sire. He also has a wonderful temperament and nice straight correct lines. He was the RGCH Oberhasli buck at the Kansas Carousel Dairy Goat Show in May 2004, Abilene, KS. Congratulations to his new owners, Don and Martha Fitzmaurice, Garnett, KS.


Shelbi Stultz got the best Christmas present ever when her little Nubian doeling, Yazmataz, joined our family Dec. 21, 2008.


PromisedLand Dorothy
DOB: 6/8/03

Keenan won Dorothy in 2004 and had been in love with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats ever since! Dorothy is so awesome. She is a solid, well-built "easy-keeper", producing high butterfat milk to the tune of over 800 lbs. per 305 days. Plus, she has beautiful kids and is fun to work with in the show ring. What more could a 10-year-old goat keeper want? We all love Dorothy here at Gravel-Ends Ranch. In fall 2006 she blessed us with beautiful twin doelings, Wil-O-Wisp and Wild-O-Heart (pictured on home page), and carried us all through winter with her wonderful milk. Then in May 2007 we got a bonus ND buckling from her! Xerxes, the bucking, has been sold, and we are looking forward to what the future holds with Dorothy and her prolific ways.

  AGS Goodwood W-Ray
AGS Green Gate Golden Oak
  AGS Green Gate Cinderella
  AGS Munchranch Dennis The Menace
AGS Promisedland Ultra Violet
  AGS Woody Dog Down Virginia



Tiny Tales Farm Spring Shower

Keenan purchased another Nigerian doe, Tiny Tales Spring Shower, at the 2007 Kansas State Fair, from David and Jeanette Walker. We were thrilled to learn she is Dorothy's daughter, from an earlier breeding, and now we have mother and daughter in the same herd. We look forward to many happy times ahead with our new "Shower."

  AGS Caesar's Vila CBS Cowpoke
AGS Promisedland Wizard of Oz  
  AGS Promisedland Twilight
  AGS Green Gate Golden Oak
AGS Promisedland Dorothy  
  AGS Promisedland Ultra Violet


RWF Snow White PH
DOB:: 3/25/06
  Buttin' Heads Will-o-the-Wisp
MCH Buttin'Heads Pwiled High *S  
  Buttin'Heads Whole Wheat Toast 2*D
  Elisa's Rodeo
RWF Peaches N Cream ER  
  JVJ Queen Aravis of Archland


RWF Peaches N Cream PH

DOB: 4/8/04   

Peaches N Cream (with Shelbi)   
  Crystal Clear ButterScotch
Elisa's Rodeo  
  Elisa's Zinnia
  Buttin'Heads Goober Pwile *S
JVJ Queen Aravis of Achland  
  Deer Creek Chestnut Tree's Rose *D



Gravel-Ends TOS Wil-O-Wisp

DOB: 10/29/06



Keenan's little Wil-O-Wisp was the Grand Champion Junior Nigergian Dwarf doe at the 2007 Marion Co. Fair in Hillsboro

Wil-O-Wisp is a sweetie. Loving, attentive and beautiful...is it any wonder she has no idea she is a goat? We look forward to many happy years with Wil-O-Wisp in our herd. She won first place and GCH Jr. Nigerian Dwarf at the only show she has been too so far, the 2007 Pride of the Plains Youth Show.

  AGS Sugar Creek's SS Sharp Shooter
Buttin'Heads Tam-O'-Shanter
  AGS Buttin'Heads Son Bonnet
  AGS Green Gate Golden Oak
1*M AGS Promisedland Dorothy
  AGS Promisedland Ultra Violet

Promessa's Jacob

DOB:: 4/26/06
Special thanks to Shelene Costello, NE, for sending us Jacob this past year. We look forward to matching him with our Tam-O'Shanter daughters. Jacob is a very handsome deep chocolate/black color.

  AGS Twin Creek LRM Charismatic
AGS Bilrite Relativity Theory
  AGS Hayseed Farm's LD Lucky Lyndon
  AGS Lost Valley Malachi
AGS Rainbow ML Rachel
  AGS Rainsong Night Dancer

Buttin' Heads Tam-O Shanter

DOB: 3/15/04

Tam-O'-Shanter continues to be everything we ever hoped for in a Nigerian Dwarf buck. He sires beautiful kids, is easy to take care of, and has a stellar pedigree of fine mammary systems and structural correctness to pass on to his offspring. We look forward to some milking daughters next spring, as well as more of those bouncing little babies. He is a chocolate and white patchwork affair, described on registration papers as dark brown chamoise buckskin broken with white.
  AGS Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge
AGS Sugar Creek's SS Sharp Shooter  
  AGS Gay-Mor's Gnat's Pageantry
  AGS Creek Road Hudson
AGS Buttin'Heads Son Bonnet  
  AGS Columbus Zoo Godiva