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Our son, Keenan, started working with Sables in 2005 and absolutely loves their color, temperament and style. With so few breeders in the area is it hard to get enough together for show sanctions but we are elated that they will be part of the Kansas State Fair this year (2011)!

Triple-S-Farms TJW Valonia

DOB: 3/14/05

Keenan's lovely Sable doe, Valonia, was a Grand Champion in July 2007.
    This wonderful doe is the base of our Sable herd, with quality milk production and show genetics from the well-known Kansas Saanen herd owned by Ray and Nancy Songs. She has won several shows (unofficial for the Sable breed) and is a joy to milk, with soft udder and teats and calm personality. We have many of her offspring in our herd.
  *B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
Child-Acres CPRF Tanner  
  Cherrypines Fruitcake
  *B Triple-S-Farms Hope's Chance
GCH 6*M Triple-S-Farms HCF Jewel  
  5*M Triple-S-Farms DB Fantasy


Gravel-Ends Nik Yolanda

(DOB: 2/9/08), grey/blue roan

    Yolanda is a carbon copy of her dam with a bit more style and stretch from her sire's side. She is the exact same color and I sometimes have to do a double-take to make sure I know which is which. She has that same soft, capacious, easy-milking udder which we love so much.
  *B Loughlin's LB Calvery
Flick's-Acres Cal Nikalvados  
  CH Flick's-Acres NA Nikole
  +B Child's-Acres CPRF Tanner
7*M Triple-S-Farms TJW Valonia  
  GCH 6*M Triple-S-Farms HCF Jewel

Hickory Sticks OTC Evie Lee

(DOB:3/2/07), cream with brown

    Evie Lee is our herd queen, a very large, mostly cream doe with dark facial stripes and a very light blanket of tan flecks over her hindquarters. This doe is a 2-gallon-per-day producer and cannot be beat in the milk room for quality and quantity. She also has a good show career going with several AOP championships.
  SGCH +*B Kickadee-Hill Spin Doctor
*B Kickadee-Hill Out Tom Cattin'  
  SGCH 2*M Willow-Run Tess
  *B Saanendoah Jack's Lobo
Dunlin's Grande Blanco J.L.  
  Dulin's Big Surprise Strmn.


Gravel-Ends Yosh Zelda

(DOB: 3/4/09), mustard grey with cream

    Soft, sweet, solid are good descriptors for this doe. She is an interesting color with a goldish background deep grey/brown. She is a combination of Evie Lee and Valonia lines from above and, in my opinion, the best doe in our herd. Excellent structure, outstanding udder capacity and connections, good doe to work with. We certainly do appreciate Zelda in our herd.
  Flick's-Acres Cal Nikalvados
Gravel-Ends Nik Yoshua  
  Hickory Sticks OTC Evie Lee
  +*B Child's-Acres CPRF Tanner
7*M Triple-S-Farms TJW Valonia  
  GCH 6*M Triple-S-Farms HCF Jewel


Gravel-Ends Sambo Aphrodite

(DOB: 2/11/10), sundgau

    This big yearling will freshen for the first time in late May 2011. She is long and tall and should be a show stopper once she fills out that frame. Should be some quality milk genetics behind her as well.
  Nobel-Springs Night Night
Nut-N-Honey Black Sambo  
  Klisse's KCC Nightshade Berry
  Flick's-Acres Cal's Nikalvados
Gravel-Ends Nik Yolanda  
  7*M Triple-S-Farms TJW Valonia